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Amulet Fairy

Unakite "Stone of Growth"

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Unakite is a powerful talisman that can bridge the gap where new opportunities await! Unakite is a traditional stone for children and childhood, symbolizing their prospects for their future. 

Unakite is superb for healing and nurturing the physical and emotional bodies during injury, prolonged illness or hospitalization. Its Earth energies bring gradual strength and renewed vitality, while helping one to understand and endure these frustrating or painful experiences. 

Unakite for Pregnancy and Women Reproductive System:

Unakite Jasper aids the reproductive system, promoting healthy pregnancy and stimulating weight gain where required. It is believed to be good for breathing irregularities and hyperventilation, and helps ease the transition in labor

  1. Unleashes hidden emotional pain.
  2. It encourages self-love and compassion.
  3. Place in a room to fill the atmosphere with a gentle calming energy.
  4. Reduces the effects of electromagnetic smog.
  5. Stimulates healthy pregnancy.
  6. Facilitates the health of the unborn.
  7. Relaxes on the cellular level.
  8. Helpful achieve targeted weight gain.
  9. Benefits the female reproductive system.
  10. Aids hair growth.
  11. Relaxes muscles.
  12. Benefits the heart.