Selenite Charging Bowl
Selenite Charging Bowl

Selenite Charging Bowl

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Approximately size: 3-3.5 inches

Cleanse, charge and amplify your crystals with this hand crafted selenite charging bowl.
Selenite is unlike any other crystal as it doesn’t need to be charged. It will cleanse, charge and amplify of all crystals set upon it.

Make is easy to charge your everyday crystal jewelry by placing this bowl on your bedside table.

The Selenite crystal stone meaning is all about purification, clearing, and positive energy. The soft white appearance of the stone is a perfect reflection of its gentle but highly effective energy, which emits white light and high vibrations. Whether you are clearing your own energy field, your environment, or your crystals, the Selenite crystal healing properties are perfectly suited to remove unwanted energy and replace it with light and positive energy.