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Amulet Fairy

Rose Quartz Sphere Clock

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This listing is for ONE (1) Rose Quartz Sphere Clock

These beautiful pink clocks are mechanical, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries! 

Perfect clock to keep in your office, bedroom, living room, or anywhere you desire. Keeping track of time is essential! This beautiful crystal is a must-have on your work desk since it promotes self-love and reminding you to be compassionate to others.

These clocks are tumbled and highly polished, giving it that smooth finish.

Measures approx.: 3" x 2.75" x 3"
Weighs: .600 kg

Rose Quartz Benefits

Rose Quartz is a mothering stone.  Its energies calm the mind, cleanse the aura and support the health of the heart.

This stone helps us release our anxieties and clear away negative emotions so that we may invoke our power to Love.

Love can show up in many ways for us; as the ability to self-forgive and move forward with self-compassion, as the willpower to forgive others and restore trust in our relationships, and as the capacity to see our worth and to set healthy boundaries according to it.

If we’re experiencing grief, Rose Quartz can offer us the support we need to self-soothe and/or invite and accept it from others.