Power Crystal Pen
Power Crystal Pen

Power Crystal Pen

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This iconic power crystal pen promotes positive energy and guides you with a mindset of doing things with heart, passion and productivity. Switch up your power crystal pens for a combo of positive energies throughout the year!

  • 100% natural stone
  • Brass metal body (the weight is just perfect!)
  • Imported German ball point black ink

Rose Quartz Crystal Pen: Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels. This stone not only attracts new love and intimacy, but it also develops a closer bond with family and friends.  

Yellow Jade Crystal Pen: Yellow Jade encourages fullness of life fresh beginning and new opportunities. Having this stone attracts happiness and success, as it brings prosperity

Amethyst Crystal Pen: This stone calms the mind by allowing you to remain clear and centered. Amethyst's ability to strengthen intuition successfully helps putting new ideas into action.

Amazonite Crystal Pen: The luckiest of all crystals, Amazonite increases your probability in chance and fortune. It breaks unlucky patterns and aligns conditions for opportunity to be inevitable.