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Amulet Fairy

Peacock Ore "Stone of Happiness"

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The Peacock Ore stone is a stone of happiness and joy. It is believed that this crystal is capable of healing, channeling energies within the human being and also removing all that is negative from our body and mind.

Peacock Ore manages to synchronize the metabolism and cellular structure of our body, as well as regulate the flow of adrenaline.

The most lovely gift of this stone is that it brings you the ability to see and appreciate the joy available in every moment, as well as a feeling of acceptance that all is exactly as it should be, exactly as it is…whats not to love!

This stone has also been known to protect pregnant women and the baby they are carrying, keeping them both healthy as well as safe. A pregnant woman may choose to wear this stone, create some kind of pouch spell incorporating this stone, whatever she may choose.

This stone has been known to bring a fresh and new feeling to one's life. It can also stimulate one's inner spirit to reach for further heights, by doing so it can increase your ability to enjoy happiness in the moment. Peacock ore is also a useful stone during re-birthing and re-uniting your emotions with your intellect.