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Amulet Fairy

Honey Calcite "Stone of Confidence"

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Honey Calcite is an excellent stone for those in leadership positions and amazing for anyone who is feeling unmotivated. Honey Calcite is also a great stone for people leaving abusive relationships.  This stone helps with the power of understanding and power. Increasing feelings of self-worth, courage, and motivation. The stone is also a powerful or cleansing negative energies in its vicinity and amplifying your physical energy.

Physical Properties: Helps to bring mental clarity to user by clearing out emotional and mental blockages. Revitalizing the body and enhancing creativity. Honey Calcite also promotes mental sharpness by removing collected vitality that prevents you from reasoning, comprehending, or coming up with fresh ideas. This lovely gemstone brings you closer to a greater degree of emotional intellect, allowing you to consider more constructively.

Honey Calcite contains qualities that enable you to open yourself to various opportunities that will help you grow in knowledge and temperament. These new paths might be as simple as learning something new or as complex as a fun encounter. In any event, Honey Calcite will leave you rooted and help you focus your efforts on accomplishing your objectives.

Chakras: Honey Calcite is beneficial to the Sacral and Third Eye Chakra. Once the Sacral chakra is overactive, obstructed, or confined in any manner, it might manifest as a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. It could also signal back and shoulders, gastrointestinal and reproductive organs issues, and an overall sensation of tiredness

Honey Calcite softly clears sluggish vitality from the Sacral Chakra, replacing it with healthy, good intensity. Once this channel is clean and fresh, you would have a surplus of strength, which you may use towards cognitive and emotional duties. Honey Calcite is indeed good for bringing the Third Eye into balance. Innovation and curiosity are intimately related to either the Sacral or Third Eye regions. When you're being artistic, your brain is at ease, and you're happy.