Hematite "Stone for the Mind"
Hematite "Stone for the Mind"

Hematite "Stone for the Mind"

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Mental organization; original thinking, logical thinking, decreases negative emotions; great for self esteem and confidence, relives anxiety, enhances memory. Evokes deep thought, assist timid women, strengthens liver; supports health of spleen; helpful to overcome addictions; prevents wearer from absorbing the negativity of others; Helps with addictions, blood, concentration, focus and kidney health. 

Magickal/Healing Properties:Love, Healing and Protection

Energetic Properties: Emotional release

Uses in the Workspace: 



Chakra: Root 

Vibrational Number: 

Zodiac: Aries and Aquarius

 Excellent stone for the mind and grounding energy

Combine with rose quartz and citrine