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Amulet Fairy

Energetic Space Consultation and Clearing

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Business/ Home Blessings 

Energetic Space Consultation and Clearing 

Clearing the energies in your home or business is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment.

A house (or an office or a store) is like a sponge. Whatever transpires in your environment is absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceiling, and objects. Frequently, these negative energies accumulate in the corners and tucked away places. Energy debris can be a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and stress that you (your family, your co-workers) have experienced in your space.

Business and Home Blessings are designed to

  • Shield and protect your space 
  • Remove Obstacles 
  • Raise vibration 
  • Ground and calm oneself within the space 

Perfect for 

  • When moving into a new space (preferably before you move in your own belongings)
  • After you remove clutter
  • After a roommate or companion moves out
  • After a strong argument or fight in the house or office, after a divorce or break-up, if you feel that your business is struggling
  • After an illness or death
  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning (in particular if you feel overall “stuck” in your life or work)
  • If you or your children don’t sleep well, or have numerous nightmares

 What can I Expect? 

30-minute virtual consultation prior to home/business visit. 

  • Create a customized solution unique to your needs.

In person-service

  • Personal smudging 
  • In addition to the smudging, we use different methods to clear negative and stuck energies within your space. 
  • Purse/ Wallet cleansing 
  • You will also receive customized Amulet Fairy products that can be used to maintain the energetic vibration of your space