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Amulet Fairy

California Sage Assortment

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 Introducing the Amulet Fairy Sage Bundle: Crafted with Love and Intention

At Amulet Fairy, we take great pride in creating our Sage Bundles with love and intention. Each bundle is carefully crafted to infuse your space with positive energy, bringing forth a touch of enchantment and serenity into your life. 

Our California Sage Assortment is a perfect way to bring tranquility to your home after large gatherings. Containing all the benefits of Californian sage, this bundle helps to destress after work and create a more peaceful environment.

Here's why our Sage Bundles stand out:

  1. Handcrafted with Care: Our Sage Bundles are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into every detail. From the selection of high-quality sage to the arrangement of delicate flowers and crystals, each bundle is made with utmost care and attention.

  2. Infused with Love: We believe that love is a powerful force, capable of transforming spaces and uplifting spirits. That's why we infuse our Sage Bundles with love during the creation process. The positive energy imbued in each bundle radiates throughout your environment, enveloping you in a warm and comforting embrace.

  3. Intentional Selection: We carefully choose each element that goes into our Sage Bundles, ensuring that only the finest materials are used. From ethically sourced sage to hand-picked flowers and crystals, every component is thoughtfully selected for its energetic properties, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with your intentions.

  4. Personalized Connection: We believe that each Sage Bundle holds a unique connection with its owner. When you receive an Amulet Fairy Sage Bundle, you'll feel the personal touch that sets it apart. Whether it's the carefully handwritten notes or the heartfelt packaging, our aim is to create a deeply personal and meaningful experience for you.

Embrace the transformative and positive energy of our Amulet Fairy Sage Bundles. Let their lovingly crafted essence uplift your space, invite tranquility and nourish your soul. Experience the power of intention and the magic that awaits within each bundle.

Sage Bundles Assortment: Dried flowers; Rosemary, Lavender; Palo santo; Amaranth; Roses. Individually wrapped with love💛

***Each bundle is unique and may only have 2 other dried herbs along with the sage. If you have a preference of a specific combination. Please make a note before checkout.

California White Sage: Anti-bacterial;  It can change the mood and energy of a room. It is used for meditation, cleansing and purification. Repels negative energy.

Lavender: Clears the mind, brings peace, joy and healing to home. A herb of love and friendship. Used for Cleansing, psychic protection, increasing clairvoyance, creating the energy of happiness and healing, purification and tranquility. 

Rosemary: Clarity; Protection. Encourages peace within your environment.

Amaranth: Removes intuition blocks. Aids in healing and adds comfort to your scared spaces.

Rose Petals: Meditation, Calming

Dried Flowers: Joy and Love

Palo Santo: Relaxing; Uplifting. Relives symptoms of headache, inflammation, emotional trauma, stress, colds and much more.