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Amulet Fairy

California Sage Assortment

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Sage Bundles Assortment: Dried flowers; Rosemary, Lavender; Palo santo; Amaranth; Roses. Individually wrapped with love💛

***Each bundle is unique and may only have 2 other dried herbs along with the sage. If you have a preference of a specific combination. Please make a note before checkout.

California White Sage: Anti-bacterial;  It can change the mood and energy of a room. It is used for meditation, cleansing and purification. Repels negative energy.

Lavender: Clears the mind, brings peace, joy and healing to home. A herb of love and friendship. Used for Cleansing, psychic protection, increasing clairvoyance, creating the energy of happiness and healing, purification and tranquility. 

Rosemary: Clarity; Protection. Encourages peace within your environment.

Amaranth: Removes intuition blocks. Aids in healing and adds comfort to your scared spaces.

Rose Petals: Meditation, Calming

Dried Flowers: Joy and Love

Palo Santo: Relaxing; Uplifting. Relives symptoms of headache, inflammation, emotional trauma, stress, colds and much more.