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Amulet Fairy

Bronzite "Stone of Focused Action"

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Bronzite helps you get back on track and focus on what’s most important to you, and not everyone around you. Bronzite instills the courage from deep within to stand up for yourself and take assertive action to get things done. On an emotional level Bronzite can be used to battle depression.

 When trying new things or opportunities such as a job interview, vacations or even a date, we recommend carrying or wearing a piece of Bronzite on you. It works to keep you grounded and comfortable in situations that would commonly cause you anxiety and distress.

 Bronzite can boost one’s self esteem when one must face a challenging choice or difficult decision, Bronzite will assist the bearer to be strong and power through. This is especially helpful when the wearer feels they may lack control, or lose their center of a given situation.  Told to bring general inner peace, removing stress and to work favorably on the psyche by protecting against depressive and discordant moods.It will offer one a view of the larger picture, so that a better understanding will be granted to appreciate the value of completing the tedious tasks and details in order to reach one’s final goal.

 Mind: Decreased restlessness; Mental Clarity; Decision Making

Body: Iron absorption; Physical transition (puberty)

Spirit: Karmic Balance; Healing ; Chakras