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Amulet Fairy

Blue Calcite Chunk

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Excellent to aid in the healing of pain, particularly bones and joints. Boost the flow of energy within the body. Dream recall; stones of healing recovery and communication and even the development of psychic/paranormal powers. Natural sedative; Lowers blood pressure. Communication stone. Clears negative energy from your aura or your environment, Gently fan away toxic energies that may be sticking to you.

A good stone to use when recuperating as it facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions

Magickal/Healing Properties: psychic ability, astral travel, soothing the emotional body,  inner vision, clairvoyance and telepathy 

Energetic Properties: Emotional release

Uses in the Workspace: 

Amulet/Talisman: Great for students

Element:  Fire, Air

Chakra: Throat/Third Eye Chakra

Vibrational Number: 3

Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces

Lowers blood pressure

Alleviate anxiety and negative emotions

t is thought to be helpful in clearing congestion of the lungs and respiratory system, treating headaches and eye issues.

 It is used to cure problems related to lungs, thyroid disorders, sore throats and tonsillitis. It helps to reduce the blood pressure and calms down your senses. It is very useful and makes you calm and relaxed. 

 aid the healing of pain, particularly in the bones and joints.

 is especially useful if you have been suffering from writers block, as it will help you to overcome the blockages and get back on track.

It is an excellent stone to enhance creativity, as it helps to motivate inspired thinking. It also helps to soothe your thoughts when your head is full of babble that may be blocking the flow of creative writing. 

It is a helpful stone that may help you to recall your dreams, and it may be helpful if you sleep with a piece under your pillow or close by you.

(lungs, addiction, aging process reduces stress)

Aids with memory and learning

Helps students retain what they have learned

Heightened mental discernment

increases memory and learning abilities

Kidney stimulant- aids astral projection

Balances ying yang energies

Calming, increases psychic abilities

Effective against laziness

Treats eye issues. 

Signes: Cancer, Pisces 

Throat Chakra

Numerical vibration 3